I had a roommate while studying in Italy named Cesare. Quickly after moving in I realized he'd accepted me in hopes of making "connections" or sweet sweet Italian love with all my beautiful American friends. He proceeded to friend request every thin, tall girl on my Facebook, including some people I knew… » 7/11/14 9:47pm 7/11/14 9:47pm

AHS: But seriously, what about Zoe's Evil Vagina?

[Maybe spoilers, don't read on if you're one of those people that thinks tiny insignificant details are spoilers] Last night's finale was full of awful and wonderful things ("BALENCIAGA!!!"), but I can't go on without asking the question: what's up with Zoe's man-killing vagina, and why did they completely forget… » 1/30/14 2:21pm 1/30/14 2:21pm

Seriously, though, why does no one talk about the fact that it would HURT to wear an outfit like this and crawl around in the desert? Snipers are often prone, and anyone with boobs (especially of a larger size) can tell you, scraping them/squashing them/doing rough things to them with no cover is not a fun experience. » 1/20/14 3:50pm 1/20/14 3:50pm

As a fellow game dev, I'd note that there's another reason this ire is misplaced: game development is a team effort, and no specific game dev gets to control the final product. So many great ideas that game designers have will often be cut by product or business people. In general, 1 person is just a part of the… » 1/14/14 5:34pm 1/14/14 5:34pm

I think it's not necessarily about creating brand NEW ideas, but rather about finding ways to leverage those ideas in compelling and gender neutral (or empowering) ways. I'm a female game designer and I actually love combat games, as well as games more centered on puzzles, adventure, or plain ol' story. What bothers… » 1/08/14 10:38pm 1/08/14 10:38pm

Hey there! I'm a game designer with a creative writing and literature degree, so I can say that you don't need uber math skills to do it. From my experience, designers tend to be divided into more content heavy types (designing features, story, quest systems, and general user experience) or systems designers… » 9/16/13 5:56pm 9/16/13 5:56pm

I saw a GDC talk by David Gaider last year (he's worked on the Dragon Age games among others) and it was awesome. One thing he mentioned was that diversity in any way is essential to getting a better product, because the more perspectives, the better! The example that he told was that, in a writing review for a scene… » 9/13/13 8:03pm 9/13/13 8:03pm

Hi! I'm actually the writer/designer he's referring to. Joan of Arc was a pretty default choice when I was searching for inspiration pieces, but most of the images I found were either of the skank-of-the-knight variety or armed to the teeth. What I really want is an image that evokes strength *and* femininity, as the… » 6/05/13 1:47pm 6/05/13 1:47pm